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C 9 h264, XViD
2008-01-15 (7y 97d ago)

C 8 h264, XViD
2008-01-15 (7y 97d ago)

C 7 h264, XViD
2008-01-15 (7y 97d ago)

WoR 01-06 XViD
2007-08-18 (7y 247d ago)

C 6 h264, XViD
2007-08-16 (7y 249d ago)

 block manga
SP v1c2
2008-01-15 (7y 97d ago)

HnT v1c1
2008-01-15 (7y 97d ago)

SP v1c1
2007-03-13 (8y 40d ago)

 block wallpapers
Claymore 1
2007-08-30 (7y 236d ago)

Black Lagoon 1
2007-08-28 (7y 238d ago)

Fate/stay night 4
2006-12-26 (8y 117d ago)


block Welcome!

We truly hope you enjoy our projects as much as we enjoy fansubbing them!

As always, if you find any errors on the site, suggestions for improvements or you simply want to inquire about joining the group feel free to Contact us!

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Quick Links (tm)

For your ease, here are some links to the .torrent files for our latest releases. You can find older releases by directly visiting our tracker ->

Reldate Torrent url Size Seeders Peers Dl'd
2007-08-18 [mahou]_Wings_of_Rean_01-06 1.37GB 0 14 3733
2007-08-14 [mahou]_Hellsing_Ultimate_-_03_[DVD][h264+AAC5.1][1EB4C066].mkv 449.25MB 1 2 16329
2007-08-14 [mahou]_Hellsing_Ultimate_-_03_[DVD][70347948].avi 450.55MB 6 2 13975
2006-09-14 [mahou]_Hellsing_Ultimate_-_02_[DVD][h264+AAC5.1][5EB329F5].mkv 449.50MB 1 2 9622
2006-09-14 [mahou]_Hellsing_Ultimate_-_02_[DVD][3FF11EC9].avi 449.47MB 3 3 23628
2006-08-21 [mahou]_Hoshizora_Kiseki_[DVD][h264+AAC][915373F1].mkv 225.38MB 0 0 1594
2006-08-21 [mahou]_Hoshizora_Kiseki_[DVD][982B23A4].avi 227.28MB 1 0 2958
2006-07-27 [mahou]_Fate_stay_night_13-24 2.64GB 0 0 9643
2006-07-27 [mahou]_Fate_stay_night_01-12 2.70GB 0 0 8817
2006-07-27 [mahou]_Fate_stay_night_13-24_[h264+AAC] 2.64GB 1 3 7038
2008-01-15 Sugar_Pot_v01c02_[mahou].zip 9.96MB 0 0 617
2008-01-15 Honoo_no_Tenkousei_v01c01_[mahou].zip 6.62MB 0 2 732
2007-03-13 Sugar_Pot_v01c01_[mahou].zip 16.58MB 0 0 2086
2005-04-24 Karin_v01c02_[mahou].zip 6.67MB 0 0 6912
2005-04-24 Karin_v01c01_[mahou].zip 7.28MB 0 0 8257


block  Claymore torrents removed  February 17th, 2008 - verm
Since we've been requested by Funimation previously to remove torrents (Trinity Blood) we have pre-emptivly removed the Claymore torrents.

block  Claymore 7,8,9.. Sugar Pot v01c02, Honoo no Tenkousei v01c01!  January 15th, 2008 -
It's been a long time.. we hope you've had a good summer, halloween, fall, holiday, new years and first half of winter! (or summer.)

As always thanks for being patient, look for more releases soon!

block  Wings of Rena Batch 1-6!  August 18th, 2007 - verm
Well not quite a new release but here you go for the sake of convenience.

Look forward to Uragiri no Tsubasa soon!

block  Claymore 4,5,6!  August 16th, 2007 - verm
Well, here you go, Claymore episodes 4,5 and 6! Sorry for the long wait, look forward to the rest of the eps soon!

And of course, we're still working on Uragiri no Tsubasa.

block  Wings of Rean 4,5,6!  August 15th, 2007 - verm
Well as promised here's the last 3 episodes of Wings of Rean, we hope you enjoy it!

Sometime in the next 24 hours expect Claymore xvid/h264 4,5,6!

block  Hellsing Ultimate 3 & Wings of Rean 2,3!  August 14th, 2007 - verm
It's been a loong time!, now that the summer is starting to wrap up our summer activities are too! Sorry for being away for so long (again) but with a warm summer and plenty of hot babes in summer dresses who can stay at home?!

This week you'll also see Claymore 4,5,6 and Wings of Rean 4,5,6 with mahou back on track for regular releasing. Rest assured that nobody in the group has watched the R1 WR releases!

block  Claymore Episode 03!  April 25th, 2007 - verm
Yes, we're still working on Hellsing Ultimate

Enjoy Claymore ep3 it's a great episode!

block  Claymore Episode 01 & 02  April 17th, 2007 - verm
Right, so it's been 127 days since we last released any anime which is about right, winter is over and spring is starting it's time to stretch our legs a little and find some trout.

OH, and yes, we are (still) working on Hellsing Ultimate.

block  Sugar Pot Volume 01 Chapter 01!  March 13th, 2007 - verm
Well it's been a while since we've released anything, especially manga. Look for more manga from us soon!

(PS -> the anime is on it's way!)

block  Trinity Blood 20,21,22,23,24 (final)  December 10th, 2006 - verm
Well, here you go, the last 5 episodes of Trinity Blood, we'd like to thank everyone for their extreme patience with us and this series!

See full news listings -> News

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